Monday, February 18, 2008

Lunar New Year Eve 06 Feb'08

Was on leave today and Little DinoEgg's school opens for for half day only. Before I went to fetch him, made a quick trip to Rivervale Mall to grab some last minute items. Saw this pretty deco and decided to buy it though it cost a hefty $4.80 per

While at home, I was fixing up this deco n Little DinoEgg was engrossed with his Playhouse Disney. He happens to turn around and saw this deco just when I was finishing it, he suddenly shouted very loudly "美美!!!" (Pretty!!!), guess he was captivated by the bright red color with the many small small items on it. After we hung it up, he will occasionally point to that deco and shout "美美!!!" (Pretty!!!)

We went to Sin Flora and bought some flowers n a pot of orange. Flower (I dunno the name) and baby breather cost $10 each for a big bouquet, small pot of orange cost $15

The school gave Little DinoEgg a Red pack with 2 "gold coins" complete with 2 mandarin oranges and a carrier.

Reunion Dinner at Granny's house!

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