Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feeling under the weather

Yesterday when I fetch Little DinoEgg, I felt that his body was abit warm. I should have walk back to the school to ask the teacher to measure his temperature but I did not. So we (or rather ME since he refuse to walk) took a slow walk to the nearby mall to get our dinner then took a cab back home.

Once home, I took his temperature; 37.4deg, low grade fever.... after that its crankiness all through his dinner n milk. Took his temperature just before he sleeps n its 36.6Ddeg, fever gone? Our guess is, it just went away for a while.

Little DinoEgg woke up at 11pm crying... then refuse to sleep but keeps whinning n coughing etc. Daddy in the end gave him the pacifier (which he did not have for the pass few days). That quiets him down but his eyes are still wide open. Daddy have to bring him to the living room n sleeps on the mattress while I continue to sleep.

This morning fever is back, did not take his temperature but my guess is its a mild one. Brought him to school and forgot to tell teacher he is having fever -_-" Anyway daddy will be picking him up in the afternoon to see Dr Koh. Hopefully Dr Koh can give him something for the cough n blocked nose.

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