Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Play Area

We converted Kiroe's area into Little DinoEgg's play area. Daddy scrubbed, bleached, vacuumed n mopped that area couple of weeks ago and last week he painted the whole area, he also hooked up the old TV. Last week we bought a DVD player n daddy hooked it up to the TV. Moved the toy box and his Thomas the Tank playmat to the area. Finally have space to put up the table and chair set which Uncle Alvin+Auntie Rebecca gave Little DinoEgg on his 1st birthday.

This naughty boy likes to stick his face to the BIG TV screen, of course we stopped him. Told him "No-no~!! Too near!! Step back step back!" And he actually walked backwards till he steps the playmat OR he reached where we are sitting.

That area still look empty... we will slowly increase some things to decorate that area. BTW auntie Jessie, the BIG poster u gave Little DinoEgg... he tore them when he spotted them on the table.... ~SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!~

This morning Little DinoEgg spent a great 2 hours at the play area. Daddy played Pocoyo and this little fella shaked his bum bum when Pocoya song came out. There was this part where they introduce the characters in the show and Little DinoEgg shouted "Pi-yo!!" *means Pocoyo* n "Elly!!!" woah!! Surprise surprise!! As he seldom have chance to see Pocoyo in Playhouse Disney and sometimes he misses the show during weekends as I forgot about it hehehe~

As you can see, the play area is still quite empty, what shall i get to put in there n also on the walls except for the ABC n 123 BIG posters?? Any suggestions?

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