Sunday, February 3, 2008

~Hair cutting day~

Today is a rainy day... rained fm morning till noon. Planned to bring Little DinoEgg for his hair cut before the CNY but it rained n rained n rained...

FINALLY around 2.30pm the rain STOPPED! We quickly change n headed to the neighbourhood salon. Wait for about 15mins as auntie is cutting an uncle's hair. Tried to distract Little DinoEgg by playing with him using the big piece of mirror. He LOVESSS MIRROR, he can make loads of funny faces, actions, laugh, giggle etc in front of a mirror.

When it was his turn, he got conscious and started to get anxious as auntie put on cover on daddy then on him. When auntie took the shaver, he kept eyeing it, when she turn it on n it made a buzzing sound he freaked out *faintz* Started to twist n turn, cry n make noise... lucky auntie is not using a scissors otherwise sure snipped off his ears LOL

We tried ways to distract him, in the end auntie gave him 2 bright colored rubber urchins. That sort of distracted him for a while and auntie quickly shave n shave hee~

About 10mins later, VIOLA! New hair cut!

Little DinoEgg reluctantly returned the 2 rubber urchins to auntie. when we stepped out of the salon, there is this stall outside tt sells lotsa of kiddie stuff, toys, CNY deco etc. Initially I did not noticed the rubber urchins hanging at 1 corner of the wall, was walking around, then noticed Little DinoEgg's eyes were glued to 1 corner, turned and saw a bunch of rubber urchins. Bought 1 for him.

So ended up he had a new haircut AND a $2 new toy.

PS : When u hit the orange urchin, he will light up :) But Little DinoEgg is more interested in swing it then the bright lights.

Photos taken while I was feeding him a piece of sugar roll n watching his favourite Little Einstein (Never mind its a repeated episode though).

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