Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reunion Dinner with Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa & Grandma coming over tonight for an early CNY reunion dinner.

Purposely force Little DinoEgg to take a short nap at 5pm so that he will not feel tired and starts becoming cranky nearing his usual bedtime. Grandparents arrived around 630pm, Little DinoEgg is so happy to see them, likewise them to him. After putting down their stuffs, chat for a while and both of them started to play with Little DinoEgg.

We took this opportunity to finish preparing the food for the steamboat. We prepared all IL's favourite food even down to the sambal chilli and the chilli padi which both of them love so much.

We had an enjoyable dinner, eating slowing, chatting, gossiping, occasionally scolding Little DinoEgg for misbehaving etc etc... Started to clear table around 9pm and the grandparents started to play with the little rascal again.

They left at 10pm, statisfied with the yummy food and the chance to play with their favourite grandson. They definately are looking forward to 1st day of CNY where we will be at ah gong's house.

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