Monday, February 11, 2008

No tears No tears~

After 4 days of break from school, today I was expecting a teary Little DinoEgg. Surprisingly, none of it!

Maybe coz for the pass 4 days he's been waking up at 6am+ n falling back to sleep again till 830am then wake up; Maybe coz yesterday he went to bed too late; around 10pm+. Today woke up at 615am and out of the house at 650am, he still have not fully awake yet. We took a bus n change to LRT instead (coz I also have not wake up n too lazy to take a long walk to LRT station), he was staring into space n yawning during most part of the bus ride. Perks up a little when we were in the train. When we reach school, he is back to the blur stage again. When Teacher Adeline talk to him, it takes him half a seconds for him to respond haha~

Anyway, I calmly n quickly urge him to walk into school, say bye n turn and walk away BEFORE he decides to do anything dramatic. I think he will feel sleepy throughout the morning hee~

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