Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1st day at Playgroup Part 1

1st day at playgroup!

Little DinoEgg's mood is good, very well behave this morning. When we are at the school gate, he took a look inside the school and suddenly backed away. I was thinking "uh-oh... not again...." So I said to him "come darling, peekaboo with Teacher Adeline." Luckily he did, when Teacher Adeline open the door he was a littlebit reluctant to move, stick to my leg... but I took his hand n led him towards the door. He walked in n I even chatted with Teacher Adeline for about 2-3mins, he did not even protest or make noise hee~

I gave him a flying kiss, said our byes n I headed home. Will pop by the school to peep at him around 1030am.

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