Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1st day at Playgroup Part 2

Went down to peep at Little DinoEgg at school. Saw Teacher Adeline at 1 of the window, I asked how is him, she say "aiyo, cry lah..." She assured me that its normal as today is the 1st day in playgroup and its different from his usual routine. He is wondering why he is outside with these noisy children and not back at the play area with his quieter friends.

After chatting for a while, I asked her where is Little DinoEgg, she pointed to the front. So I walked very slowly n at the same time looking through the windows to see him. Found him. Sitting with Teacher Siti with his pacifier n smelly in 1 hand n a crayon in his other hand trying to color a banana *faintz* Teacher Siti saw me, but did not say anything lest Little DinoEgg realised my presence n started to make noise. 10mins later, they choo-choo train to the toilet to wash hands n get ready for lunch. Teacher Siti took this opportunity to speak to me.

She says they gave him the pacifier coz its a new teacher in the playgroup n Little DinoEgg is not familiar with her. They will wean him off the pacifier later. Lucky Teacher Siti is thereso Little DinoEgg clings on to her for comfort. She says he is doing fine, have to see if he will take his nap later or not. Also she suggest that I fetch him at 5pm, since its the first day, maybe full day will be too much for him. I am perfectly ok with that, anyway I am on leave today :)

With that I left the school.
I took a few pictures but cannot upload... still no card reader :(

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