Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Milestones Time

MONTHS 18-24
Your child is probably spending most of his/ her time upright by now. You can encourage this by massaging the legs after a bath and also introducing kicking exercises.

What your child might do:

Physically and mentally
• Knows when something is not said correctly e.g. calling a dog a cat
• Predicts sequence of events
• Scribbles (combines wrist-movements with letting go)
• Throws ball (but still not ready for an over-arm throw)
• Walks (some children are still unsteady at this age)
• Climbs stairs (but will need your help for descent)
• By 20 months, kicks a ball
• May run (clumsily)
Little DinoEgg knows how to kick, throw n roll a ball at about 15/16mths. Walk?? Starts walking at 9mths n walks confidently when he turns 1 year old. Climb stairs at around 13/14mth (at Amanda's house, then fell off the stairs). He is so call running; lifting his little feet faster then head moves ahead then the rest of him LOL. Lets see... I bought him a box of crayons last Nov'07 when he is 15mths, he did scribbles but I din keep that piece of "artwork", too bad.

Language and emotions
• Has a vocabulary of 50 to 200 words
• Follows simple directions e.g. put cup down
• Likes being praised
• Enjoys other toddlers’ company but may be aggressive too
Little DinoEgg loves company; both adults n kids but so far he is not aggressive. OK maybe just ONCE when he bit Clara but I call it REVENGE. He's very chatty n learn new words very fast. We can say it a once or twice n he willl know how to say it, a few more times n he perfected his pronouncing. When he did something good or right, we will say "Good Boy~" n ask "Good Boy, how?" then he will clap his hands softly.

Your toddler has probably already cut his/ her first set of molars with the second set due to appear soon. The molars cause the most teething pain and this can drastically affect your toddler’s appetite. Let your toddler suck as much milk from her bottle or your breast as he/ she wants to. Offer a cold teething ring to numb the pain and lots of cuddles to help him/ her through this ordeal.
Oh dear!!! I should be expecting molars nitemares soon!!!

Ideal toys for this age
• Blocks of different shapes and sizes
• Books/ toys with different textures
• Toy musical instruments
• Washable crayons/ markers

Useful tips
Potty-training should never be forced. Look for signs that your toddler is ready before you begin. Some of these signs include being able to pull pants up and down, knowing the words for urine and bowel movements and disliking the feel of a wet diaper.
So far he only understands the word "Poo", so he is 1/3 way there?? hahaha~~

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