Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1st day at Playgroup Part 3

Reach school at around 5pm, after meeting up with Granny who insist on cooking porridge for her grandson. She got so heartpain when I told her in the morning that Litle DinoEgg cry in class....

Peep into Little DinoEgg's class n saw him taking his afternoon snack. We waited patiently for him to finish, after that the new teacher (Think her name is Gina) change his clothes; maybe dirtied it while eating, and led him to the door.

While he was wearing his shoes, I talked to Teacher Siti. She say Little DinoEgg took his nap from 130pm to 3pm, thats good as we were afraid he was so tramatize that he does not want to sleep. Oh and he even finish his afternoon snack WHICH Teacher Siti was worried that he wun want to eat. He still cries on n off though. Anyway, Teacher Siti says tomorrow fetch him home around 530pm, just in case. Think he should be ok on the 3rd day. Granny agreed to fetch him so that I need not take leave.

Little DinoEgg was in happy mood, saw Granny n insist she carry him *nottie boy*. Went home afte that. He was well behaved too, though he kept wanting me to carry him but I have no such nonsense from him.

I feed him the porridge Granny cooked while he sat and watch his favourite Little Einsteins. He yawned after that so I decided to give him milk barely half an hour after his porridge. Put him to bed n he is sleeping soundly by 745pm, a full hour n a half earlier then his usual bed time. Guess today's new routine n crying tires him out alot.

Tomorrow, another battle to win!! Keep up the good work son!

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  1. Hi hi,
    where is dinoegg's playgroup? Is it full day? Did you start him on the playgroup once he hits 18mths?

  2. Hi, his child care is at Seng Kang. He was in infant care section when I enrolled him @ 12mths, then ytd he's officially 18 mths so just transit him to playgroup.