Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shopping Time

Since I am on leave, I took the opportunity to go down to Toa Payoh to see if I can get some shorts for Little DinoEgg. Was there for 3 hours and i came home with loads of things...

1. Shorts @ 3 for $10
2. Briefs @ 3 for $5
3. 3 VCDs @ $19.90
4. BIG posters @ $4.28 each
5. Thomas the Tank hanging pouch @ $2
6. Toy @ $5.90

Total I spend on HIM alone is S$69.92!! And what did I get for myself? A $1 shower cap, 2 shower foam, 2 facial foam; total $16.20 only -_-

I finally got the cheap shorts for Little DinoEgg to wear to school (no uniform yet and I see the other kids in his group are not in uniform too), that Ultraman shorts cute ya!! Then got the BIG BIG poster to paste at the play area. Dun ask me why in the world did I get the times table & veggie poster... perhaps its coz I was lousy in Maths so I wanted to start Little DinoEgg early? And perhaps its due to the hunger that I was feeling when choosing the posters that made me pick the veggies one.

The briefs are simply cute right!!!! Though I know jolly well its way too early to let Little DinoEgg wear them but I cannot resist them!!! Some more its got Bob the Builder printed at the back *grinz* Maybe keep till few months later when I start potty train him.

The VCDs... wah to me its a real catch! The original price for that Kipper VCD is S$12.90 (can see from the sticker), but its selling at $5 each!! And Pocoyo.. used to be $19.90 but now only $9.90. GRAB ARH!!! I am eyeing Pocoyo DVD for series 1-13 hee~

I bought that wind-up toy as a celebration coz Little DinoEgg is promoted to playgroup and also something to "compensate" him coz he cry whole day :( This little toy is so cute, when u wind it up n let it go, it will go in circles so no need to run after the toy, cool right? Little DinoEgg cannot stop giggling when I play this with him.

Good shopping trip, got most of the stuffs I wanted to buy to set up Little DinoEgg's play area. Things yet to buy are 1. book shelf 2. standing white board 3. small VCD rack/shelf 4. another box for his toys.

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