Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ah Maaaa~~~

Since Little DinoEgg started child care, while walking towards his school we will see this grandma every morning, she stays at the same block as the school and most morning she will come down for morning exercise.

Whenever we see this grandma, we will have a short chat, I will ask Little DinoEgg to call her "Ah-Ma" (grandma in dialect), and will ask him to say hello, sayang, say bye bye n give flying kisses to her. When we did not see grandma I will ask him "Where is Ah-Ma? Mummy dunno.. maybe Ah-Ma woke up late so did not come down at the usual time" etc etc... Last week, we did not see grandma and Little DinoEgg blurted out "Ah-Ma?" then do the "No-More" action. So surprise, coz usually when he interacts with grandma, he only do action, never vocal.

This morning we did not see grandma again, we reached school and did our "peep-at-the-baby" routine, we saw grandma at a distance away, walking slowly towards our direction. I put Little DinoEgg down n he started walking very quickly, I thot he was heading for the school's gate, instead he walked pass it and straight to grandma!!! Surprise surprise~~~!!!! He went up to her with arms stretched out as if wanting her to carry but she has no strength. Little DinoEgg sayang her then wave bye bye and walk back to the school gate.

Guess he already think that seeing grandma is a routine and something he has to do every morning hehe~

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