Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friends came to visit for a short while

Had a visit from Diana+Randy, Amy & Jane plus their kiddos. Actually was only expecting Diana & family coz she wants to pass something to me n at the same time collect some clothes from me. But when I open the door at 9pm+ I was met with ssooooo many pple haha~ I only tell Little DinoEgg that "later Auntie Diana, Uncle Randy, Ryan kor-kor and Demi mei-mei will be coming over to our house later." He was delighted to find sooo many pple instead :D

Diana packed dinner to eat at our place and we pinch some food too hee~ yummy yummy~ Thanks Diana~ You always buy such yummy food *kuey chap kuey chap kuey chap*

After dinner, the kids play among themselves (actually the boys were interested in the small train set) n we sat down gossip gossip.

OMG!!! Little Demi slim down A LOT!!! Her chubbiness all gone gone gone!!! According to Diana, she is teething and for the pass week was having fever & having bad appetite. *hugs hugs Demi* Now that your teeth is not bothering you and the Heat Monster has left, eat more n get ur chubby chubby cheeks, arms, legs etc back ok~

And Manfred... so dark! Must be the swimmings Amy has been bringing him to. Better lah, he used to be so fair... cannot cannot! Boys must be darker abit n action abit rougher. Amy, time to combat train ur boy le~

Little Lecarde can sit up le~ but still not stable, occasionally will either fall backwards or forward hehe~ reminds me of Little DinoEgg when he was at his age. Jane complain that he has a habit of leaning forward n bitting whatever is in front of him, be it a knee, hand, bag, toes, toy etc wahahhaa~ naughty boy~

When it was time to go back, Manfred didn't want to leave, coz he want to play with the toy train, keep whinning and did not want to wear his shoes even though Amy already carry her bag and standing at the door. After some persuasion from Amy, he finally give in and went to wear his shoes. Manfred boy, dun worry, you will come back to yee-yee's house this Saturday ok~

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