Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gathering time again~

Its been quite a while since we last gather, with the Loh Family sick, we already missed out a gather @ Diana's house, so sad :( Thus we decided to organise one at our humble home.

Suppose to start at 6pm but Jessie came early, coz after work she went home, prepare the baked macaroni n came down to our house. Gradually the rest arrived, Chua family came with Peking duck, Elaine & Family came with tomato sausages & nuggets, the Loh family prepared chicken rice + chicken & PSS~ *the chicken rice is not very yummy coz too big pot, daddy dunno how to gauge n cook*

Its been a long time since we last meet up wtih Elaine & Family. Wow she is really tanned! And both Shyann n Shane has grown so much! Shyann has slimmed down abit, Elaine says coz she has got ulcers again n dun want to eat anything or eat very little. Poor ger *hugz*, get well soon ok~ Shane is walking, not stable yet but still want to walk every where n touch every thing WITH his cheeky look haha~ Reminds me of Little DinoEgg when he was at his stage.

Everyone is so busy, chatting, playing with kiddos, taking pictures etc... come to think of it, i was very busy BUT i dun recall having long conversation with anyone, only small chats here n there... OR am I too tired so I am having blocked-brain??? ANYWAY, the most important thing IS... all of us have a good time right peeps~?

Pics for all to enjoy and for those who couldn't make it, DROOL ON THE FOOD!!!

PS : Wendy, ur Peking duck is very yummy (thou the pieces are not properly chopped up, go scold tt duck seller haha), the mj khakhi took a break n almost finishes up the food. I was hungry, took a peep at the dinning table n the plate left with 2 duck wings n the neck portion, SO I ate the duck wings WHICH I usually dun eat, see how yummy tt duck is?

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