Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clap clap clap to a steady beat

Sis made an arrangement with Kindermusic to do a trial lesson this afternoon, since I am dunno the exact location, we took a cab to sis house and we took a short bus ride to the place.

While waiting for the bus, took some photos of Little DinoEgg & Cousin Han

Baby, u are suppose HUG Cousin Han, not do cho-cho train with her~

Ok ok hold hands then...

We reached the school about 10mins early but was told class will start 10mins late as the previous class starts late. So off we went to Mac Mac for some fries as I was famished!

When we went into the class Little DinoEgg was a little bit cranky, did not want to sit down, want me to carry him instead but when he sees that other children are sitting down, he also follow suit with no protest.

The class is very good, mostly on music with actions. They played with the music sticks, scarf and even a big parachute~ Little DinoEgg & Cousin Han enjoyed themselves very much. Little DinoEgg was not happy when its time to put away the scarves, teacher have to ask him to help her put them away then he is ok. Oh there is a new fren, a toy dog name Rover hee~ when Little DinoEgg saw de dog he went "ooh~ oh~ oohh~" When we sang a song about Rover, he was being passed around n when Little DinoEgg hold Rover he was smiling n patting the toy dog.

Little DinoEgg misbehaved nearing the end of the class, instead of sitting quietly at the circle he walked around the class. Not even the big parachute could attract him, I have to carry him back to the circle n make him hold on to it.

Class ended 45mins later, overall its was an enjoyable class. And Little DinoEgg was able to follow at least 95% of the actions. I will sign him up for the class provided sis sign up too haha~ otherwise I will feel so lonely...

We went to pack lunch and headed back to my home for a party later that day.

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