Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm in good mood today

I woke Little DinoEgg up for his milk at 6.30am, he stretched, open his eyes n say "allo mummy" with a little wave, so sweet of him~~~ Gave him the milk and I went about doing my things.

A while later we are out of the house, we were slightly early so decided to catch a bus instead. When we were near the school he saw grandma and broke loose of my hand n ran up to her. Grandma was so happy~ Hmm... he is still not talking to grandma, only touch, sayang, wave n flying kiss. Wonder when will he open his golden mouth n call "Ah Ma", then grandma will be super happy lor~

We continue to walk to school. Teacher Adeline was inside with a screaming baby, she was frowning... I have saw this baby when I fetch Little DinoEgg, he was crying n screaming his head off either with his water bottle in his mouth or sitting on the chair alone. Teacher Adeline says he jus got promoted from Infant Mobile class to playgroup. Its been a week plus and he is still crying his head off! Even when the teachers carry him, he will not quiet down. I asked her if he has got pacifier or smelly pillow, she says NO... like tt sure cry coz no security mah.... oh my oh my....

Then this Little DinoEgg, so KPO. I told him to go and sayang di-di he look at him, turn around look at me, then point to that baby n smile... as if telling me "mummy u see tt baby is crying... so funny, y he cry??" Hello son, u forgot u were also crying when you just join the playgroup?? Dun laugh at others ok........

I say bye to him, caught a flying kiss fm him and off I went to work :D

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