Monday, March 17, 2008

Little DinoEgg has recovered

Little DinoEgg is well!!!

I return home to a cheery chirpy chatty him. Saw me and came to the door to give me a big hug n kiss (by daddy's instruction lah haha~) He is even dancing to the beat of dunno what program at Playhouse Disney... Heat Monster has left, though he still have the cough and running nose. The skin just below his nostrils are red and sore... all from the constant cleaning of nose, rubbing tissues on the nose.... A few times when I clean his goo-goo (aka mucus) he will say "pain pain"... haiz... poor thing....

Anyway decides to send him to school tomorrow. Was afraid that he will scream and cry as he's been away from school for about a week. So while watching tv n playing at the living area, I asked him "baby, tomorrow go school see Teacher Gina ok?" He whisper "ok" "See all your frens like Nicholas, Clara (ya even dreadful Clara lah since I dunno his frens' names), Jason (this one I made it up, hopefully he really has got a fren name Jason) ok?" "ok" "See Teacher Adeline, Teacher Siti too ok?" "ok"

So lets see how and what will happen tomorrow....

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