Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Off to school today

We took a cab to school today, coz Little DinoEgg took a million years to drink his milk!!! In the end I took away his milk as we were running late... VERY LATE! He only manages to drink 80ml... well, enough to last him till his morning snacks at the school.

Took our usual slow walk to school after alighting from the cab, saw a maid with a little girl waiting for the school bus sitting on the chair. The minute Little DinoEgg saw them, he uses his right hand to cover his face (left hand holding to my hand), i was like "uh-oh...." coz he has never done this before... maybe couping up at home for a week has make him become shy n wary of strangers? And I started to fear the worst when we are at the school.

We walked towards school, met the Ah-Ma and Little DinoEgg was not shy with her, even wave hello, let Ah-Ma sayang him and wave bye-bye to Ah-Ma.

We proceed to our daily peeping of the babies at the window. He was happy to see the babies, when I put him back down he was walking very fast towards the school door. However when we are at the door, he suddenly freeze.... pulling my hands back when I wanted to go nearer to the door. When he sees Teacher Adeline he froze... I tried to distract him, the kids are playing with some stack-up blocks and I move his attention there. "wow baby~ what are all the kor-kor n jie-jies doing? What are they playing??" Then I led him into the school while his eyes stick to the kids. Teacher Adeline sort of gave him a small nudge to make him move a step forward.

Was so afraid that he will cry anytime... I wanted to quickly turn and go but Teacher Adeline says to him "Zheng, good boy, say bye-bye to mummy lah!" I was cringing inside.. what if he decided to cry there n then??? BUT I still look at him and say "bye darling~ I see u tonite ok?" *muacks n flying kisses* Well no tears, no tantrums... *phew* And off I went, a happy mummy grinning from ear to ear.

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