Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feeling lousy :(

The boys have recovered but I have not! Today went to see doc again to get medicines for my cough and flu. My blocked nose is getting worst :( Now the inside of my nose is so sore...

I feel so lousy that I just gotta take medical leave and stay home to just hopefully sleep it off. Daddy was nice to accompany me to send Little DinoEgg to school and to see doc.

Came home, took my cough med and knocked out for 2 hours straight! Woke up feeling terrible and went back to sleep. 5 hours later I am still feeling lousy. Body feels so weak n tired. Thats the reason why I do not want to take the cough medicine coz it makes me drowsy and body so weak.

Wish I could take medical leave tomorrow but I have got stuffs to rush :(

Ok going to fetch Little DinoEgg from school... bye~

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