Thursday, March 20, 2008

My 1st Art & Craft

Tomorrow is Easter Day, teacher requested us to make 3 hard boiled eggs for the kids to bring to school. They are going to help the kids paint them and then hide the eggs to let them find it.

So Daddy made 3 hard boiled eggs yesterday morning and Little DinoEgg brought it to school. Today they will be doing the painting etc.

Daddy went to fetch Little DinoEgg today, I was home earlier with our dinner. When they reached home, Little DinoEgg show off his 1st piece of craft; a basket with eggs inside~ There are shreds of paper to act as the nesting for the basket haha~ 1 red egg and 1 pink toy egg.

He loves this basket so much that refuse to let it out of his hand or sight. Even wanna hold it while having his dinner.

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