Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Train Set

Was feeling bored so decided to bring Little DinoEgg to CP for a short trip n to see if I can find any toy train at Kiddy Palace.

However first we headed to Delifrance for some lunch... Little DinoEgg's lunch. I ordered a chicken crossiant set. Ended up I finishes the mushroom soup, the chicken n half the crossiant. Little DinoEgg only have the piece of garlic bread that was suppose to be eated with the soup n half the crossiant. He was enjoying himself at Delifrance, munching the crossiant, watching the people walking pass the restaurant n shaking his leg while sitting on the sofa. We left Delifrance a full hour later... gosh... sort of set my schedule off a little.

Headed off to FOX first as they were having sale. The minute we walked into FOX, Little DinoEgg start shaking his bum bum to the music, amusing everyone in the store. I was browsing the clothes while Little DinoEgg entertained himself by sitting on the few shelfs n shaking his legs, with the huge piece of mirror, dancing n making funny faces in front of it, running thru the clothes racks. I was able to shop peacefully while peeping at him occasionally. Then he went overboard.... I was making payment for the clothes when he went up to a rack of clothes and with 2 or 3 sweeps of hands, swept the clothes onto the floor!!!

Another heart attack!!!! The sales assistant auntie n me quickly went up to him n started to pick up the clothes. After that I scolded him n smack the back of his hands. He look sad but did not burst out. I raised my voice and told him to stand there n think over his action n I walk back to the counter to finish paying for the clothes. Thats when he burst out to tears. The sales assistant auntie starts to console him, the next minute Little DinoEgg hugged her leg n bury his face in between her knees n cry louder *faintz* After I paid for the clothes I walked up to him n told him to shushed n off we went to Kiddy Palace.

As usual we headed off the the toys section where he immerse himself with the musical toys, happily pressing n turning all the toys. I took the chance to walk around the section. Can you believe that its such a big toys section and I can only find 1 small pathetic train set??? Of course we dun consider Thomas the Train (which has its BIG corner), its too expensive to buy that for him, coz I know he will start banging n throwing them... He has already broken the only Thomas Train which Ms Bec gave, I have to use super glue to stick the part back.

Anyway I took the train set box and showed it to Little DinoEgg who shouted "Train train~~" We proceed to the cashier, paid for it n headed out. Walked pass Popular bookstore and went in to see if I can see any interesting books for Little DinoEgg. Did not see any, so went to buy lunch for daddy n headed back home.

PS : Later that night, daddy took a look at the train set and says its only suitable for 3yrs and up *duhz* Never mind lah~ so long he is enjoying the toy I am ok with it.

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