Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dinner at Granny's

The sky was really dark when we set off at Expo to Granny's house. Along the way it started to drizzle n when we reach Granny's house it was pouring! Lucky there are shelters where we can alight the cab without stepping into the rain, we reach Granny's place dry n happy.

As soon as we are in the house n after the usual greetings etc, I put Little DinoEgg down on the mattress for his over due afternoon nap. However I think he got too excited at the Expo so he does not want to sleep, but i persist. After 30mins of coaxing n scolding, he finally fell asleep n I took this opportunity to catch some zzz too... BUT barely 45 mins later he is awake *duhz* So I have to get up too to accompany him. Luckily Bro n SIL came home, they help me to look after Little DinoEgg while I relax abit hahah~

Bro & SIL went back to China during CNY and SIL just came back recently, she bought some small gifts for us. Nice~ Its a set of bookmarks of Beijing 2008 Olympics mascots, a nice mask keychain and a Beijing 2008 Olympics gold coin.

Then its dinner time~~~ had a yummy dinner, always love Granny's cooking *rub round round tummy* We were resting n relaxing in the living room watching tv n chatting. All were well, peaceful n everything, the kiddos are playing with the toys,of course there are occasion fights for toys. Suddenly Granny called out to me to follow Little DinoEgg who has walked into the kitchen. Reluctantly I moved my butt, walked to the kitchen and see NO ONE!! He was not in the kitchen!!!! Then I heard splashing sound in the toilet, turn n saw this naughty boy, with his 2 hand INSIDE THE TOILET BOWL PLAYING WITH THE WATER!!!! I almost have a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was boiling mad! Grabeed his hands, scolded him loudly for doing that n hit the back of the hands with all my might several times. When I stopped his hands were swollen n red, but I don't care! He did not shed a tears or cry out coz he knows jolly well that he has done something wrong. Washed his hands several times with soap to ensure that no bacteria stays on it and ordered him out of the toilet. All this while he was quiet, did not even protest or anything.

The minute he sees Granny, Cousin Han n the toys, he totally forgets about everything n enjoys himself with the toys *duhz* So its back to the toys n to the tv till its time to go back at 8.30pm.

Back home, changed his diaper, change into his pj, gave hime milk n he say Good Night to daddy. We went into the bed room for milk and he fell asleep soon after that. Me... I dozed off shortly after... Its been a tiring day.

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