Saturday, March 22, 2008

Off to Expo

Its a long weekend, since we stayed home yesterday plus I am feeling better; no blocked nose and only occasional cough, I decided to bring Little DinoEgg out. Heard from Ivy that there is a baby fair at Expo so I asked sis if she is free to go. She says ok so we arranged to meet up at 2pm later.

In the mean time, quickly pat pat Little DinoEgg to nap, told him when he wakes up later we will go gai-gai aka go out. He nodded his head n is in his dreamland in a couple of minutes. I quickly take my lunch, cook his lunch n pack his bag etc.

2 n a half hours later we are on the cab to Expo~~ So excited! Reached Expo at around 2.15pm, wow~ so many pple~ there are a couple of events going on that day besides the baby fair. There is also the book fair! Which I sooo much wanna go but can't coz I am with Little DinoEgg. It will sure be very pack n how to carry him plus the books that I wanna buy at the same time?? *sob sob*

We waited for a while and sis + kiddos were here, Little DinoEgg was happy to see Cousin Farn that he even hug him :) Cousin Han was in this cute little FOX layered skort, she even tied her hair, oh my! so sweet~~ Too bad I did not bring the camera with me.

We took a slow walk to the baby fair exhibition hall and were surprise that it is not as crowded as we anticipated. Its Saturday and the hall looks kinda empty.... good for us lah~ coz we can let our kiddos walk without fearing they will be trampled on. There were nothing much to see, perhaps coz most of the things are for NB or babies, ours are toddlers so dun really need those things. We were done walking the whole hall in about 35mins. Sis bought tickets for Cousin Han n Little DinoEgg to take the Merry-Go-Round, as they are still very young, we have to accompany them. So both of them each sat on the "horse" while me n sis stands besides them. Both of them were so excited when the ride started to move, but sis got dizzy a while later coz it went round n round n round haha~ When the ride ends, Cousin Han refuse to come off the "horse" and protested by starting to cry as she does not want to get off the ride.

We took a seat at the main stage to listen to some PD talking about something (not really paying attention, just wanted to rest our tired feet), Cousin Han was still unhappy, so I took out the biscuits and let the kiddos eat, this sort of pacify her a bit... hmm.. food lover ya? hee~ I went off with Little DinoEgg to walk around while trying to find a place where they sell drink... and could not find any *grrrrr* ended up bought 2 boxes of biscuits for Little DinoEgg, of coz sharing it with Cousin Han, wats the fun of eating alone?

After a while we decided to proceed to the Branded Sale event. Its a very small scale event, on 2nd level at the taxi stand area. There are clothes for adults n kiddos, bags, shoes, swim suits for adults n kiddos and even snacks. We saw Sesame Street kiddos tees, saw an Elmo tee and immediately I wanted to buy for Little DinoEgg n Han. Dig through the pile of clothes and the smallest size I could find is 3, which is rather big for Han. So I only buy it for Little DinoEgg. The minute he sees Elmo, he shout "Elmo~ Elmo~ elmo~~", I told him "yes darling, mummy's buying this for u ok". We left the place with an Elmo tee and 2 shorts for sis.
Headed to Granny's place for dinner~ Granny only get to see Little DinoEgg once last week as compare to the usual twice a week, so decided to go back for dinner. Plus since out with sis and its her weekly visit to Granny's place so I just go along with her.

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