Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6th Day in the Flu blue

I finally bought the soy base FM for Little DinoEgg, ytd he took 140ml out of 240ml and was ok, this morning too, so tts abit of good news.

Yesterday Granny says he only has diarrhea twice, which is good too, means his body is recovering.

This morning he woke up at 515am crying "MILK MILK MILK!!" woke me up from my sleep, so I have to make his breakfast for him. He drank 140ml again... He was kinda cranky today, woke daddy from his sleep n majah him, keep wanting daddy to carry him, after tt told daddy "大便 aka poo-poo". Daddy took a look and say he's got diarrhea.

Even after he is all dressed up and ready to go out he still stands in front of daddy with hands outstretched crying n whining. Daddy did not give in, and he has to walk to the door crying n whining... BUT insist tt I carry him once he is outside the corridor.

Went to Granny's place and he got into my nerves! Stood outside the door and refuse to step into the house. Even Granny asked him nicely n coaxed him, he stood glued to the ground. I got mad, ordered him to come in OTHERWISE I will close the door. He looked at me, still not moving. After giving him 3 warnings, i closed the door for like 5 secs. He cried louder BUT tt got him nearer to the door hahaha~ Asked him to come in n again ignored me, so door closes again... and he is 1 step nearer to the door. 3rd time, when I count to 2, he stepped into the house n sat down on the floor. Asked him to take off his shoes he stared at me again. Granny took them off instead.

I left Granny's house with my blood pressure shooting up n boiling mad! What a way to start a day... And as if its not worst enough, I spilled a whole cup of coffee onto the carpeted floor!! And this is the 2nd time!!! *aarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

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