Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still having the flu

Little DinoEgg did not go to school since yesterday. He is not getting better nor worse. Granny told me yesterday that he diarrhea 6-7 times, vomited once while drinking milk. At night while he was drinking his milk he vomited again. hmmm... actually I dun think "vomit" is the correct word. He will be lying down drinking his milk then suddenly the milk jus gushes out fm his throat and nose!! Its like a fountain! GOSH! After that Little DinoEgg will look so sad n scared; sad coz the feeling makes him uncomfortable, scared coz he was afraid I will scold him. I quickly clean him up, put on a new tee, clean up the place and carry him into the room to sleep.

This morning he vomited again... ... ... even after I gave him the anti-vomit medicine *sigh* After I cleaned him up n change into a new set of clothes, I went about preparing our things. I asked him if he wants a piece of bread and he nodded, so I gave it to him, keeping a close watch at him lest he vomit again. Lucky nothing happens and we had a peaceful journey to Granny's place. I have decided NOT to give him any milk today since it seems like every time he drinks he will vomit, but with water n porridge etc he is ok.

Late morning I called Dr Ong with my concern. After confirming that I have given the anti-diarrhea med regularly n me telling him that Little DinoEgg ONLY vomits while drinking milk, he advice me that perhaps the stomach flu virus is still in his system and his body is fighting it. AND tells me to get soya bean base milk for him (which this mummy keeps forgetting to buy). He also says it will take probably a week or week plus for the diarrhea to go away, in the meantime make ensure he has plenty of water to drink. With that, I put down the phone with Dr Ong. So my suspicion is correct...

Called Granny after my call with Dr Ong, she says Little DinoEgg did not vomit today, only diarrhea once in the morning. Better then yesterday... so many times.... Little DinoEgg is taking his nap and he took quite abit of porridge n bread before that.

OKIE! Tonite after work I SHALL buy the soya bean base milk!

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