Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to school YEAH!!!!

After feeling under the weather for almost 2 weeks, Little DinoEgg finally is well enough to go back to school! Woohooo~~~~ Ytd told him that we are going to see all his friends and teachers in the school, does he want to see them? He keep nodding and say "yes yes".

Nevertheless I was still skeptical... thinking that he will refuse to go into school or start crying when we are near school.

We took a cab to school as, well, we are late again *sigh* When the cab stopped at our usual place to let us alight, Little DinoEgg was very excited and started to shout "Ah Ma~ Ah Ma~~", he pulled me along in such quick pace that I was almost trotting along. When we did not see Ah Ma at the stone chair, he looked at me with his big round eyes and keep asking me "Where?? Ah Ma where?" I keep telling him "Darling, Ah Ma not around, maybe she is late" etc, he finally got it when we left the stone chair. However we saw Ah Ma at the staircase, she was really happy to see him too. After chatting for a while we proceed to school... errmm... I mean peep at the babies hehee~

And u know wat? The baby boy saw us and waved back at us, that made Little DinoEgg very happy. Finally someone noticed him through the shaded window. He was smiling and when I told him "Lets go into the school and say Hello to baby ok?" woah~ off he went, dashing to the school gate. Teacher Adeline was not at the gate so I pressed the door bell.

oooo~~ she was very happy to see Little DinoEgg and her excitement brought his classmates out to the frontm, even little Nathan. Well he's still whining but at least he's not screaming or crying his head off *good job Nathan* Hey, Nathan has grown a little bit taller and put on a little more weight hehehe~ How time passes... Anyway the kids' curiosity brought the older kids out, peeping to see who is causing all these commotion n starting to crowd the doorway. Hahahaha~ wat a scene Little DinoEgg created.

With that I left him and go to work... hmm... while chatting with Ah Ma on the way I heard Little DinoEgg cry... oh dear oh dear... he did cry after all *shake head*

Spoke to Teacher Gina just pass lunch time and she says Little DinoEgg is doing well, only cry in the morning but after that he is ok. Enjoys himself enormously and was not creating any trouble or being difficult. Thats good news, my boy is growing up :D

When I went to fetch him, he was playing with Teacher Gina and a few of the kids, the minute he saw me, his eyes light up and gave me the sweetest smile. I spoke to Teacher Gina again, she says he's good and well behaved. Everyone; teachers and kiddos, misses him very much~ She says he even remember the songs and the actions, thus could join in with his classmates.

A sigh of relieve *phew* At least I do not need to worry about future school-going-days and have to fight with him every morning etc.

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