Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Loh Family is Down AGAIN

Curious why no updates recently? Yupe! The Loh Family is down again!

After Little DinoEgg recovered from stomach flu, he had this nagging cough which escalate to coughing non stop whole day; 24hours!!! On top of that, he manages to pass the stomach flu virus to Granny, who start vomiting and diarrhea last Thursday. Today she is feeling better, no vomiting n running to the toilet but feeling very weak.

Daddy and me has got gastric... not sure whether is the stomach flu OR the indigestion of the Jap food we ate last Friday. I had fever on Sat and Sun, today feeling weak.

And Little DinoEgg's constant coughing has prevented us from getting a good night's rest for the pass days.... Even the cough medicine was only able to curb the cough for a while, then its back to non stop coughing....

Today Grandma is popping by to help daddy look after Little DinoEgg... Now I am contemplating whether to take leave tmr to take care of him or not.... this has to depend whether I am able to finish my reports today :(

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