Friday, April 11, 2008

Jap food dinner

At night we went back to Leisure Park again. Suppose to be a last minute dinner with the gang but ended up only us and Bec+Andy+Amber as the rest has got some last min or urgent matters to attend to.

Ok I forgot the name of the jap restaurant but the food is yummy. Its a like Marche style, self service to pick the food u wanna eat then pay at the end of you meal.
Oh, Little DinoEgg had a small accident. I was carrying him and talking to Ms Bec at the conveyor belt, being curious and all, he stretched his hands and wanted to get the sushi plates. 1st time I managed to grabbed his hands back, but miscue on the 2nd time. His fingers were caught in between the 2 tracks, he shouted PAIN PAIN but I ignore, thinking its jus a light scratch (and he always little things PAIN here PAIN there). He cried loudly and I took a look... wow a cut with blood on his right middle finger :( Quickly bring him back to the table and clean the wound, it stopped bleeding after a while *phew*

Nearing Little DinoEgg's bed time, he started to get cranky. Keep whining and crying, insist daddy carry him n refuse to let me carry him. It got so out of hand that I grabbed him and brought him out of the restaurant for some Time-Off. I did that 3 times and finally he is able to listen and whines a little lesser. Amber was very curious why both of us keep walking out of the restaurant and came out with Ms Bec to "investigate" haha~ She must have had a shock seeing me punishing Little DinoEgg, guess I will not be in her Good Book for long *sob sob*

It was pass 9.30pm after our dinner thus we headed home instead of going to the Mac playground as we planned earlier.

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