Saturday, April 5, 2008

I've got the flu

Stomach Flu :(

Yesterday we went Granny's house for dinner as its Qing Ming & Granny pray-pray n cook alot of yummy food. Every thing was going well fine, everyone enjoying the food, kiddos playing. Suddenly Little DinoEgg starts cough & merlion all his food out!

We thought its the cough that make him vomit but almost an hour later he did it again and he was not even coughing. We decided to heard off to the clinic fearing the worst...

As we did not have much to tell the doc,he conclude that probably its the cough tt is irritating his food way, also children does not have good oontrol on their stomach so tends to throwup with the slightest cough. With that we went home AND an hour later he did it the 3rd time! This made us very worried. However thinking through, we think it may be stomach flu as 1 of Little DinoEgg's teacher did mentioned to me that 1 of the baby has got diarrhea. We think it has spread to the PG kids.

Around 3am, Little DinoEgg woke up and daddy gave him milk which he only drinks about80ml, he sat up whinning then suddenly merlioned again for the 4th time! We were so worried... but shortly after he fell asleep.

This morning I called up the school and teacher confirmed that they have stomach flu cases last week and 2 of the PG kids got it but recovered after taking medicine. Then she told me the dreaded news, they also have 2 cases of HFMD; #2 case has just been sent home this morning.... I told teacher Little DinoEgg caught the stomach flu virus but does not have HFMD symptons, will be bringing him to see doc in a short while to confirm.

Dr Ong checked Little DinoEgg, no ulcers in mouth, no red spots on any part of his body so he's given a clean bill for HFMD. As for his stomach flu, Dr Ong listened to his lungs, checked his tummy and measured his temperature. I request from him Pedialyte Freezer Pop (hydrating water) so I do not need to travel to CP with a sick Little DinoEgg to buy it. I took soooo many medicines; fever, Pedialyte, anti-vomit the good bacteria n something to stop his diarrhea, I thought its going to cost me a bomb. However I was only charged $31 hehehe~ Guess I will be going to Dr Ong instead of tt stupid The Kidz Clinic with its stupid attitude nurses!

So far Little DinoEgg does not have any diarrhea, but he's got mild fever. Hope he will get well soon. *HuGZ SON*

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