Friday, April 4, 2008

My flatten Flower

I was sitting in the LRT with Little DinoEgg playing when I noticed the flower on my right shoes is GONEZ!!!! No wonder pple are staring at me... Pretending that nothing is wrong, we alighted at our station and I have to sit down n remove the other flower.

I was so upset as I like this pair shoes very much, and looking at the "bald" shoes I was thinking what I can do so that I do not need to throw it away.

Then thinking back... I remembered when we alighted the bus, a student walk pass me REAL close almost bumping into us. Perhaps she kicked the flower off... looking at the time, I was only 5mins earlier then my usual time but I decided to go back to the bus stop to search for it.

10mins later I found it! Other then being abit flatten, its still in good condition. I picked it up and happily went on my way to the office (yupe in my bald shoes still).

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