Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthday BASH Planning - Part 1

This morning called up Little DinoEgg's school to speak to Teacher Sue to check on certain things. Since the HFMD outbreak school has stopped parents from coming in to particpate, hopefully by then parents are allowed to go in.

1. There are total 76 kiddos (62 kids and 14 babies)
2. There are 15 teachers + aunites
3. There are currently 7 classmates in Little DinoEgg's group
4. Get a 3kg non cream cake (per their experience 3kg cake is enuf for ALL to share)
5. We are suppose to prepare paper plates, plastic forks n spoons

SO~ I have to prepare 62 goodie bags for kids, 14 small soft toys for babies n 15 something (have not decide what to give) for teachers.

I have more or less settled the goodie bags for the kids, still deciding what to give for the babies and teachers. And not forgetting goodie bags for all those kids who will be attending his birthday bash!

So much things on my mind, so little time to do it....


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