Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Singing & Dancing with Elmo

Earlier this month I saw this at amazon selling at USD9.93, without shipping charges to SIN. Was hesitating whether to buy or not as was not sure whether will it be a good deal; if including the shipping it will cost around SGD17+, I was thinking maybe I could have find it in the local bookstores or CD shops, but then again the chance of me visiting these places is near zero. I was skeptical coz I saw some Sesame Street VCDs selling at these places costing a whopping SGD19.90 or so. I was not really prepared to pay that kind of price for a children VCD. Kinda contradicting since I am prepared to pay the same price for a cute little tee for Little DinoEgg hehehe~

Anyway, last Thursday I was sent to Borders to buy a copy of Financial Times upon my MD's request (eh no Finanacial Times u feel uncomfortable izzit??), I took the opportunity to do a "quick tour" at Borders' music section. And there you see it~ Found it in a piles of Sesame Street VCD, the cost? Just a mere SGD10.90, so.... I grabbed it! Of course! What would you have expected it? After I have it safely in my hands, I went through the whole section trying to find other Sesame Street titles which I intend to buy from amazon and also Bear in the Big Blue House titles. Sadly I found none *sigh* so I left the place with my lone prize "winning".

Maybe I should drop a mail to Borders asking if they can help me? Perhaps I will get a better deal then USD9.93???

And its money well spent. That weekend Little DinoEgg was glued to the tv watching Elmo sing, dance, draw, laugh, and he danced, laughed and attemped to sing with Elmo. He truely enjoy that 30+mins and even request for it twice later that day.

Oh ya SING! We discovered that he knows the song Do-Rae-Mi. I was watching Song of Music in the cable where Maria was singing this to the kids. The min the song came Little DinoEgg stopped what he was doing n stared at the tv.

Maria "Do~ a deer a female deer~"
Little DinoEgg "eeeaarrr"
Maria "Rae~ a drop of golden sun~"
Little DinoEgg "suuunnn~"
Maria "Mi~ a name i call myself~"
Little DinoEgg "cceelllL~"

And he only knows the first 3 notes hahahaa~

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