Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quack Quack Duck Celebration

We did not plan anything special on daddy's birthday. Initially wanted to go dinner at Swenson but daddy suggested that we buy the yummy duck from Rivervale Mall and eat at home.

So we meet up at Dhoby Ghaut MRT to take train together and fetch Little DinoEgg from school. It was drizzling when we reach Seng Kang and raining when we fetched son. When Little DinoEgg came out of school and saw the rain he shouted excitedly "RAIN RAIN!!". When I showed him my umbrella he said "Um-na-na" wahahaha~ No, I am not carrying a banana umbrella....

We shared the small pink um-na-na and walked to Rivervale Mall. Quickly went up to the food court, grabbed our half roast duck and a packet of char-siew rice for Little DinoEgg, jumped into a cab n shoot back home.

By the time we fed Little DinoEgg the rice, gave him milk, put him to bed, it was already 9pm. We sat down and enjoy our roast duck rice dinner. Earlier the auntie asked me whether I want to chop up the duck thigh, i said NO as I know daddy would LOVVEEEE to eat the whole thing, its his favourite~ He truly enjoys his duck hehehe~

Well, no fancy dinner n no birthday present, I hope daddy enjoys his birthday.

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