Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sawadee kha

Yupe, that's where we were for the pass weekend~ We were there for the food n shopping! 4 couples; 8 adults and we enjoyed our shopping to the MAX! We had a smooth flight to BKK but a "bumpy" flight home as it was raining when we left BKK n nearing Singapore, there were alot of turbulences. Its really a roller coaster ride where there was once the plane really "dropped" n some of the lady passengers screamed.

We shopped alone but kept in touch by using the talkie. Before we part each other, we will arrange time to be back at the hotel OR at the restaurants. Diana & Randy set off real early each day; at 7+ 8am!!!! Coz Diana wants to utilize her time to the max n buy all her things from all the shopping area haha~ She really grabbed alot of stuffs fm CTC, even a HUGE Hello Kitty head pillow *faintz* Anyway she n Ms Bec... Hello Kitty fan... bought sooo many Hello Kitty stuffs....

The most satisfying thing is... I get to eat tt yummy roast duck haha~ The prawn in the dumpling is really fresh, the roast duck is not too oily or salty, top it with fruit juice freeze.... woohoo~~ best combination! Too bad the seafood restaurant that we planned to go there for dinner on the 1st night is closed for service (think company trip or something lah, not very sure too) and only open on 29th Apr, which is a day AFTER we left BKK. A few of us were disappointed coz we were so looking forward to eating the roast piggy :(

Oh... an unhappy incident when on the way to our alternative seafood restaurant. As there are 8 of us, we have to take 2 taxis, so when we found out tt seafood restaurant is closed we decided to go to a restaurant near White Orchid. Our taxi driver leads the way and he took a short cut that takes about 15mins to reach. The other taxi driver did not managed OR he do not want to follow us, ended up went in a BIG circle n only reach the place about 30mins AFTER we reach.... Can you beat that??!!! Our taxi fare is Baht61 and Wendy+gang's taxi fare is Baht90+... GOSH!!! Dunno if its an honest mistake by tt taxi driver or he purposely bring them tour the town in a traffic jam road condition....

We walked so much that my shoulder back n legs almost cramps... usually I dun go to the Thai massage but heard from Wendy that it helps to relieve her tight muscle at her neck and back, I decided to give it a try. Did not regret doing that, my neck n back feel so relieve after the 60mins of massage. The massager cracked my neck n got rid of my left stiffed neck, feel so much comfortable after that. On our last day in BKK, I went to let them massage my painful n tired feet n knee. Feel so relieve and my knee caps does not have tt nagging pain any more. So now, Thai massage will be an item in my agenda hehehe~

Ok here are the pictures we took~

Overall its an enjoyable trip though there were some small arguments (among couples lah) hehehe~ but definitely NO BIG FIGHTS till 1 party have to give a super black face n stormed off. We are already planning our next trip~ Anyone wanna join us too?? Date n venue TBA.

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