Monday, May 5, 2008

Worst 3mins of my Life

I am soooooo~ going to complain to the relevant parties about the stupid lifts in my block. Yesterday I had such a bad n horrific experience that it made me lose my sleep!

Me & Little DinoEgg was coming home, took the lift and up to our house at the 11th floor. When the lift door opens, we starts to walk out but Little DinoEgg stop short at the door, so I went out first. I turned around to urge him to come out of the lift, then stepped forward to pressed the lift button to hold the lift door.

Little DinoEgg looked at me and hesitate, and the door... starts to close even though I have pressed the "down" button. And to my horror it closes and Little DinoEgg starts screaming "MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY" at the top of his voice BUT I simply cannot do anything! You can hear this poor little boy's voice getting softer as the lift goes down. I quickly head for the stairs and wishing my fat legs can carry me faster to the 1st floor.

Horror, panic, fear starts going thru me and in my mind flashes some bad thoughts... What if the lift door does not open and it keeps going up and down with me forever chasing after it???? What if the door opens and Little DinoEgg is too scared to stepped out?? What if he hesitate and wanted to step out and get caught by the doors???!!! AARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily when I was at the 4th floor, I heard him calling out to me and I shouted out "YES DARLING! MUMMY IS HERE!!! BABY, MUMMY IS COMING TO YOU!!!" not sure whether he can hear me or not but I shouted all the way till I see him and have him safely in my arms. By then I was already shaking uncontrollably. And the whole bad accident is only 2-3mins!

That night tired as I am, I could not sleep, I lie down beside Little DinoEgg and whisper my apologies to him, for making him have the greatest fear in his life, for letting him went through such horrifying experience.... I keep looking at him, stroking his head and hearing his peaceful breathing... till I finally dozed off hours later.

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