Monday, May 5, 2008

The Damned Lifts

You must be wondering what did the lifts at my block does to me that makes me so damn fed up with them. There are 3 lifts in my block but each does not "cooperate" nor "communicate" well to each other.

  • the buttons always gets stuck either half way or all the way, so u either have to press real hard on it or your lift will stop at tt floor which the stuck button lights up. There was once the door closing button at the handicap panel was stuck. I was in the lift and it stops at a lower level, I pressed the door open button but the door closes when the uncle steps in! And he glared at me thinking that I did not pressed the button properly *sigh*
  • the lifts buttons always have problem, not in this lift then it will be in another lift. The door closing button also causes a problem; pressed and no reaction, you will have to press REALLY hard then the door will close.
  • for 1 of the lift sometimes the door closes but it does not move... you have to either press the door open n closes another time OR you try to close the door by pushing the 2 heavy panels together....
  • whenever I press for the lifts, its a guessing game on which one will come to my level. Sometimes the one at 18th floor will come and pass my level, then the one at the 1st level will come up... OR the one at 18th floor shoot pass, 1st floor starts to come up BUT stops at 6th level and the other one at 1st floor will come up after that and shoot pass my level and went all the way up to 18th level.... Results??? Me pressing hysterically on the down button plus some cursing and swearing!
  • whenever you are at the lift lobby and sees the lift available, you will naturally goes to it n press the button, NORMALLY the lift door will open. Not the lifts at my block. Same scenario but instead the door of ANOTHER lift (its always another lift) opens OR the lift went up instead of opening the door, then you have to wait patiently for another one to come down.
So you see, how frustrating it is to live in a block with such a "problematic" lifts! They are suppose to make our live easier but I do not see it happening to me for the 3-4yrs I have been staying here. And then it leads to such an unhappy incident yesterday!

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