Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Complained to Town Council

I wrote to town council yesterday... my long long long long mail....

From: Lim Jennifer
Date: 06/05/2008 05:34PM
Subject: Lifts at Blk 310B Anchorvale Road

Dear Sir,

I wish to bring your attention to the 3 lifts at block 310B Anchorvale Road. Since we moved into our house in May 2005 we have been getting problems with the lifts which are causing us all the frustrations and inconvenience. Something happened on Sunday afternoon 04 May 2008 which has caused me to lose what little faith, tolerance and patient I have for these lifts.

I was coming home with my 20 month old son, we took a lift up to our house on the 11th floor. When it reaches, the lift door opens and both of us starts to walk out. However my son suddenly stopped short in front of the door while I continued to step out. I turned to press the "down" button to hold the lift, but instead to my horror the doors starts closing! I thought the buttons malfunction again so I immediately pressed the "up" button. It did not work and the door closes with my son still inside the lift. My son screamed and cries the minute he saw the door closes and while I watched on helplessly, listening to my son's scream getting softer as the lift travels down. Imagine the panic and fear I am experiencing at that moment while I race down the stairs.

Thoughts starts racing through my mind as fear of the lift door did not open when it reaches 1st floor or it starts to travel up again when it reaches 1st floor. I would be left to chase the lift with no one to help me since its a Sunday and most of the neighbours are out of their houses. 3 minutes later, to my relieve I found my son crying at the lift landing, apparantly he has walked out of the lift when the door opens to look for me.

Thinking back, what if initially my son has started to take a step out from the lift and the door closes? He would have been caught by the doors! Normally lift doors will open automatically when they sense something obstructing their way but with these 3 lifts I have no confidence that this will happen. And if the door does not open, will it still travel down with my son caught at the door? I dare not even want to venture into the "what-if consequences" zone. That was the worst 3 minutes of my life!

This unhappy incident has made me lose my sleep for the pass few nights. Logically speaking by pressing which ever buttons outside the lift, the door should hold/open, in this case it did not. It seems that the lift have a mind of its own. I am determined that from now onwards I will always hold my son's hand or carry him when we are taking the lift. If that is not possible, I make sure I am standing at the door blocking and preventing it from closing.

Lifts are suppose to provide convenience to the residents, not to terrorize, cause problems and harm. There are a lot of problems with the lifts and I hope you will do something to it to prevent any mishaps from happening in future.


Jennifer Lim


And I got such a short short short short reply from them *duhz*

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for taking the time to write to Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council.

We are indeed sad to hear of your experience.

Our officers have been alerted to look into the matter immediately.
In the meantime, we apologise for the incident and will take whatever action available to prevent its reoccurence.

Thanking you sincerely.

Warmest regards,

Public Relations Executive
Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council


Anyway daddy told me yesterday that 2 lift guys were at the lifts checking this and that. Turns out that daddy also wrote a complain letter to town council about the conditions of the lifts. They replied him yesterday and also despatched some guys to "look at it". Not sure what did the 2 guys did.... I hope they will overhaul the 3 lifts and give us a more intelligent lifts... *sigh*

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