Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lunch @ PS

Meet up with Elaine & Shawn for lunch at PS, actually it was not pre-arranged just that they were there to eat so I join in lor hee~ Anyway passed Elaine her loots and she passed some loots to me too (wah! gift exchanging??) ooooo~~~ found out that Elaine also dun like tt "smelling" green veggie to be in her soup haha~ She was patiently picking every single one of them out when I sat down with her at the food court.

And wow~ when was the last time I see Ms Elaine?? Earlier this year or was it late last year? OOooooo~~ she slimmed down so much~ Both she n Shawn dun believe me *duhz* My eyes cannot be playing tricks ya? Her face slimmed down n her arms... no more butterfly arms wor~ So Ms Elaine, how did u do it?? Share your tips~~

I went with a medium bag and went off with a BIG bag! And its mainly not my stuffs... Ms Diana~~~ if you are reading this, please pay a "ransom" of 1 yummy kuey chap breakfast enough for 4 adults and 3 kids before u come and "redeem" your loots wahahahaha~

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