Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Daddy's 1st time

Little DinoEgg has been kept in the house for the pass week; No, he did not have HFMD, but his school had 13 cases so was on voluntary closure, so daddy decided to bring him out to let him stretch his muscle n let off some steam.

I have arranged to meet up Eunice at PS for Long John Silver lunch so daddy decided to meet us for lunch.

Its the first time daddy bring Little DinoEgg out to town, usually its to the neighbourhood shops or CP shopping centre. Daddy asked me about the things to pack for Little DinoEgg, I told him all that need to bring and where to find the things.

Daddy reached shortly and Little DinoEgg had a "I-just-woke-up" look on his face. He says he fell asleep the minute the train moves thus had a short nap, he have to wake him up when they reached the station.

Throughout the whole lunch session, Little DinoEgg was well behaved, even play pee-boo~ with Eunice.

Good job daddy~ next time u should bring son out alone more often :)

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