Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now something about Little DinoEgg

~I am sitting in my toy box~

Hmm... its been a long time ago since I last update on his progress... busy with work, tired after I reach home n usually dun feel like writing hehee~

Little DinoEgg has become more chatty and able to express himself clearly. When he was young, we taught him "I want" coz it was simpler n easier for him to pronounce. So every time he needs something he will say "Pa-pa (or mummy), I want B c~ (aka vit c) pls~" or "I want milk/B-cake/chouchou" etc. Recently we started to teach him "May I" as it sounds more polite n not so rude. He will start with "I want" then we will correct him and request him to say "mummy (or pa-pa), may I have XXX pls~?". He is still trying to get a hang of it.

Then the words PLEASE n THANK YOU. We always have to remind him to say these words, now he will say it automatically, only a few times we have to remind him.

With all these you should expect a well behave child right? Well WRONG!! Pass few days he is in his "I WANT I WANT WANT WANT WANT" mode. This morning daddy was so angry with him, he keep say "I want biscuit/Por-por/bread etc etc" till finally he asked for his milk. Then they went into the bed room and Little DinoEgg says "I want air-con *switch on air con* "I want fan" *he went to switch on the fan* "I want light"... of course he got a scolding fm daddy.

He knows how to pull his tee over his head and throw them into the red pail (for his dirty clothes), take off his socks n shoes without any assistant thou sometimes he will cry cry asking for help as he lazy to do it. He is trying to put on his shoes too but still haven figure it out, plus we lazy to teach him hehehe~

Now he has an opinion on the shoes he is going to wear for gai-gai (go out shopping), his favourite shoe is the Pedoodle Beach Comber sandals. there were once or twice I want him to wear the blue sandals with a car on it but he said very loudly NO-NO~ and ran away. Sometimes after I wear his clothes to go out or go school he will say "NI-CCEEE~~" and smile so sweetly at me. Once he got all dressed up ready to go out, last minute I asked him to try on 1 of his shorts which I thot was kinda tight for him n wanted to pack it away. Turns out it still fits him, and he doesn't want me to change it back to the surfers shorts. Said a few times NO-Noo~ after i said "ok dun change.", he pat pat his chest, touch his clothes and say "nice~~" *faintz* Vain-pot!

Little DinoEgg knows how to feed himself without spilling his rice all over the place. Of course I have to scope the rice+veg onto the spoon for him to put it into his mouth. Recently we went to Ajisen (just opened a branch at CP) n I let him enjoy the noodle, eating with his fingers, hands n spoon. He was enjoying it very much thou he made such a mess of himself and the place. He even knows how to put his mouth to the bowl n push the food into it using the spoon. Most important of all, he can sit at the dining table on his Trip-Trap chair n have dinner with us. Cool right?

Our next target... POTTY TRAINING~

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