Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And so its a good talk with Teacher

Had a good 15mins talk with Teacher Siti as Little DinoEgg's class teacher is on leave. Told Teacher Siti my concern and she reassure me that at this stage kids still does not know the meaning of sharing so anything they dun like they will fight back. She say Clara must have done something to irritate n spike Little DinoEgg to strike her... if tts de case then I should say she deserves it wahahaha~ *bad mummy*

She says Teacher Gina uses persuasive tone to reinforce the using of "Please" n "Share". She say sometimes Teacher Gina have to say PLEASE a few times then Little DinoEgg will give her the thing/toy. I told Teacher Siti that Little DinoEgg has got a temper so I do not wish it to escalate to a point that he is the bully in the class. She reassures me that its a growing up phrase so once the kids learn how to share etc things will be better.

*Phew* ok now I am not so lost... I know that Little DinoEgg is not naughty or being difficult, he is just growing up.

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