Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My 1st complain from school

This morning I squatted at the school's gate for a full 10mins... the 1st 5mins was to listen to Teacher Adeline complain to me about Little DinoEgg, the next 5mins is to reprimand Little DinoEgg.

Yesterday he has purposely hit Clara while they were queueing up. Clara; being the fierce one, of course hit him back then so on n so forth. Teacher Adeline tell Little DinoEgg to stop as he was the one who started first but tt falls to deaf ears. So Teacher Adeline has to raise her voice and he sat down quietly. Serves him right ya?

I have brainwashed him every morning while we are outside the school and him giving me hug n kiss before going off "Son, remember to listen to teachers, listen to Teacher Adeline, listen to Teacher Gina. AND dun fight with Norfiq, dun quarrel with him. Understand??" he will nod his head "Remember, be a good boy, dun be notti ok?" More nods... but every morning once he stepped into the school he will eyed Norfiq, see if he comes near him. I got to know from another teacher, its Norfiq who likes to bully him, started by hitting or pushing him, tts why he dun like him.

ANYWAY... now he is being the bully! Secretly I am glad that he hits Clara... ok I am some one who does not forgets bad grudges... well who ask her to bit Little DinoEgg 3 or 4 times when they were in the infant class?? She deserves it ya? Ok Ok, I am wrong to think that way but I can't help but feel abit of "victory" for our sweet revenge.

Back to this morning. I warned Little DinoEgg not to misbehave and hit his friends again, otherwise he will be sent to sit at a corner, just like I send him to the room whenever he throw temper or is not listening to us. He look at me with an expressionless face, eyes darting here n there and trying to distract me or get distracted. I have nothing of this, grabbed his face to look at me and I repeat all again. Warned him... and I told him Teacher Adeline will punish him if he hit friends again.

After that, I send him into the school and I left for work... Hope tonight I wun get any complains any more.

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