Sunday, June 22, 2008

The day he said... ...

And TWICE some more!

1st time it happened when daddy is feeding him dinner. He sat on the sofa while daddy sat on the floor, resting his arms on the sofa just at his feet. He wanted to stretch his leg and found that daddy's arm is in his way n he start kicking n say "go away". Daddy was so sad...

2nd time was an hour plus later, Little DinoEgg pooped n daddy changed his diaper. His a$$ was so red!! Perhaps its due to the hard marble like poo he passed out this morning. The poo was rock hard! I think its still sore so when daddy try to clean it with wet wipe, it hurt him n he screamed his head off "No-no!!! Daddy NO! Go away!! I wan mummy, I wan mummy!!!!" (BTW its a rare chance that he actually say he want me coz he always prefer daddy over me haha~)

After the diaper change, he was in his happy self again BUT daddy was sad... coz he asked him to go away TWICE! Daddy refuse to talk to Little DinoEgg. When he pester him, daddy told him that since he ask daddy to go away then don't come and find him. I let both of them sort it out themselves without interfering... Men's talk haha~

Have got to teach him not to use this word loosely, wonder if he uses this in school OR he picked this up in school. More brain washing n teaching to come...

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