Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Enjoyable Afternoon

"Boy~ where are you???" I shouted from the living room, and Little DinoEgg came running from not sure which room grinning at me. Few seconds later, he disappeared again. "Baby~~ Where are you?? Dun anyhow touch things ya??!!" He came running out again, grinning n pointing to the rooms. Few seconds later, disappeared for the 2nd time. This time I decided to investigate. Walked in and found him inside study room, tip-toeing at the table with a pen on his right hand and his left hand holding on to a piece of paper. His nose touching the table, eyes barely can see over it, he was trying to draw on the paper, grinning n smiling.

"What are you doing??" I startled him and he gave me a guilty look, as he thought he has done something wrong. So I assured him its ok, asking him if he wants to draw n he nods his head. I went in search of the white paper n crayons I bought few months ago, took out the drawing apron from some where; bought it few months back too but just any how chuck it one side. Open the apron and showed it to Little DinoEgg, who by then was clearly very excited.

We cleared the coffee table, lay the big piece of paper on it and I let him chose a crayon color; which he took the red one as it seems to be his favorite color now. He started drawing happily, occasionally talking to himself, blabbering. I joined in too, drew some fishes n an apple tree too. He saw the fish and was interested, kept saying FISH FISH! When I stopped to let him continue his doodle, he will say "Mummy FISH, mummy FISH pls~" So I drew some more then I hold his little hand n draw. He tried drawing it himself but couldn't. Dun worry son, u will get the hang of it soon :)

A while later, daddy joined us too, after he finish frying the french fries. More doodle n lines n circles~ Daddy drew a frog n an orange for Little DinoEgg, think he tried to draw Elmo too but failed hehehe~

An hour plus later, its FRENCH FRIES TIME! Little DinoEgg simply love these french fries, keep popping them into his mouth. When he saw me n daddy dipping our french fries into the tartar sauce he was very interested and dipped his long long french fry into it. Took a bite on it n found that he likes the taste n use his french fry to dip more sauce but instead of biting off the tartar sauced french fry, he ate all the tartar sauce n dip the french fry into the sauce again *faintz*

After some yummy french fries, daddy took a piece of chicken from the soup to eat. As usual Little DinoEgg took a peep and says "Pa-pa, I want chicken pls~" Woah~ this is new, didn't know he knows how to say the word chicken and recognise that piece of meat is chicken... realised that Little DinoEgg's vocab is amazing! This just show how little time we spent with him.

Here are the pictures taken on that afternoon, enjoy~
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