Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friends Time~

Had lunch with Eunice this afternoon as I need to pass some thing to her. We had Long John Silver for lunch. We sat down to enjoy our lunch, gossiping while waiting for daddy n Little DinoEgg to join us.

Well actually nothing much to catch up as we met up for lunch few weeks ago. Except for one thing, she is getting her BEST wedding anniversary pressie this year~!! Woo-hoo!! I am happy for you too Eunice~

Done our lunch and we headed our separate way; she to John Little for its Moving Out Sale and me stay behind with Daddy & Little DinoEgg to finish our lunch. After tt I headed for office and they went home.

This evening Audrey popped by with a surprise guest; its TWINKLE! We finally got to meet up this little pretty lady after hearing so much about her. She is such a darling~ with her teddy bear fur-cut and her big round eyes, so adorable! Little DinoEgg is clearly very excited to see Twinkle too. He was jumping up n down, pointing at Twinkle and shouting DOG-DOG~ He wanted to touch her but was afraid about it at the same time.

Sensing his excitement, Twinkle got kinda of scared.... perhaps she has not met such an excited child before and dunno how to react. Audrey kept pushing her forward for us to touch her but she kept backing away haha~ Afer some 10mins later, Little DinoEgg finally master enough courage to touch Twinkle's forehead, he was so happy n grinned brightly.

When Audrey and Twinkle left, Little DinoEgg kept saying bye-bye to them, clearly sad that they have to go. Well hopefully he's got more chance to meet and play with Twinkle *hint hint Audrey*

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