Saturday, June 14, 2008

A day out with Son

I took leave today so that I can take care of Little DinoEgg; daddy n granny has been taking turn to look after this little rascal so I thought I chip in my share too. Yesterday arranged with sis to meet up at City Hall for some window shopping. I already had in my mine what and where to go.

Was awaken by Little DinoEgg at 7am asking for milk-milk, dragged myself up to prepare for him. After he has his milk, I dozed on the bed with him rolling around the bed playing with Hippo, Elmo, Rabbit and his few bolsters. Not sure whether he slept or not but I was drifting in and out of sleep for the next one and a half hour, which by then I decided to get out of bed.

It started to drizzle at 10am+ which dampened my mood...coz it means we cannot go out if this continues. Nevertheless, I still bathed Little DinoEgg shortly after 10.30am, in case the rain stops then we can dash out of the house without letting the sky made us change our mind. Bro called me at around 11am to ask me something and I thot I bring the clothes rack, pick him n Ya-Ya up n go to their office. We had a lunch and stayed at Bro's office for a while. Little DinoEgg had fun playing with Ya-Ya n running around the office. He had so much fun that I did not want to tear him away from all these, ended up we were late meeting Sis hehee~ *sorry Sis*

Met up with Sis & Farn, walked around City Hall hunting for lunch for the 2 of them, ended up in a Jap restaurant. A quick lunch and we are off shopping around. Sis says auntie Carole is at PC show, contemplating whether to go or not as I am with Little DinoEgg and the show will definatelybe crowded. I am ok with that plus Sis want to get a new Mac. And we dashed across the road to catch a bus.

We boarded bus 133, its not crowded but all but 3 seats were taken, Sis took 1 and I let the kids sat on the 2 seater while I stand besides them. The minute he sat down Little DinoEgg starts to wriggle and move his butt to the centre of the seat, thus clearing some space, he then pat pat the seat and say "Mummy seat, mummy seat pls~" AAAwwwwww~~~ my sweet boy~~~ I have to obliged and squeeze with them.

We reached Suntec and man! There are ssooooo many people! We thought the PC show is popular but then we saw that Singtel is also having a road show at the same place. So most part of the crowd are heading that way. Nevertheless the PC show has their own share of crowd too. We managed to locate auntie Carole, Cody and her colleague. Sis managed to find Mac booth and after consulting auntie Carole, her colleague (who is an IT engineer) n daddy (thru phone), she purchase a new Mac. YEAH!! Finally! Her mac is so old and 1 of them has been "dead" for so long. Cool~ 1 day must pop by her house to meet this new Mac.

Can u imagine we s;ent about 3 hours at the PC show? Auntie Carole & her colleague bought the most things, I only buy a 2GB thumbdrive @ $14+. Daddy says its dirt cheap, asked me for the price of 4GB and I said $20, THEN he tell me I should have got the 4GB (just like auntie Carole urged me to do, but I dun need it~)

I was dead tired when we got home, luckily I brought along the sling so Little DinoEgg had a nap of about an hour inside it. But I got aching shoulder and back, from the carrying of the bag and Little DinoEGg. Nevertheless, we had a good time :)

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