Saturday, June 14, 2008

*Hello Dog*

Decided to pop by Cousin Hoon's house to pass some Little DinoEgg's clothes n stuff to my niece Ivy. Set out around 215pm with a big Taka paper bag, in the cab I keep telling Little DinoEgg that Yee-yee Hoon's house have 4 dogs, 1 brown, 1 black, 1 cream n 1 brown white. I have to pre-warn him coz I know the dogs will dash to the gate barking madly; especially CoCo and Blackie.

As expected, the minute we were at the gate, all 4 dogs came rushing foward barking madly. Linda n Ivy have to shout for them to back down, they mean no harm, wun bite or snap just like to greet guests in a special way :D Little DinoEgg was stunned at first to see 4 different sizes n color of dogs at his feet (I carried him lest he got freaked out by the warm welcoming) He was clearly very distracted by the dogs, I asked him to greet all the people and he was repeating what I say but eyes were glued to the dogs.... After a short while he warmed up and is waving n saying "Hello Dog~ hello DOG~!!! Right in front of their faces *faintz* the dogs were friendly, Belle even tried to lick him hahaa~ We sat down on the front porch chatting n watching Little DinoEgg "terrorize" the dogs with his HELLOs.

As the air gets warmer n the houseflies gathered we decided to move into the house where is cooler. At the same time Big Alvin came out and together with Linda n Elsie played ball with Little DinoEgg. Me? Lazing on the sofa, enjoying the cool breeze from the fan, chatting with Ivy n Cousin Hoon. All these while I can hear Little DinoEgg's giggle n laughter. They even brought him to the playground opp the house where he enjoyed slides n everything. I brought the camera but simply just to lazy to take it out n snap away.

We stayed for dinner, Cousin Hoon cooked so much yummy food *slurp slurp*. Oh they only eat brown rice (hey I m not a brown rice fan) n I was afraid Little DinoEgg find the taste n texture werid thus not wanting to eat his dinner. Surprising, there wereno weird taste n in fact it is very yummy. Little DinoEgg enjoyed his dinner, with Linda feeding him. Hey 1st time I see Linda being so good with kids and Little DinoEgg letting some other people feed him hehehe~

At the end of the day, he knows Bu-ta (or Bu-da, not sure of the correct spelling), the corgie, who is such a darling, lying down on her side and let Little DinoEgg slap her back REAL HARD n not did not even protest. He can call out to "Bu-ta, come~"

Oh there was one incident, Alvin, Kai and SiLing wanted to play basketball, while waiting for each other to get ready, the boys played dribble, roll, throw with Little DinoEgg. And this little fella is OBSESSED with balls! He was so happily playing with it n was super happy that there are 2 cousins playing him. After a while they are ready to head for a basketball game, but Little DinoEgg was hugging the ball. Alvin asked him to throw to him n the minute he caught the ball he said "Bye~"and dashed off with the ball. Leaving a shocked Little DinoEgg stunned for like 30sec before wailing loudly for the ball *duhz* We have to distract him with a smaller rubber ball n in another 30secs he was ok, smiling and playing...

Hey Alvin, next time dun do this to ur little nephew ok, if u do, ur Ivy sis will give u some color wahahhaa~~~

All the running, jumping, running, screaming, chasing after the dog = a very tired boy. When we reached home he still want to continue to play with his toys BUT NO WAY! I marched him to his room, clean him, changed him, make his milk and head off to bed. he knocked out in 10mins after he finished his milk.

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