Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look what I can do

"Boy, time to change diaper, drink milk milk and or-orh~ Lets go to the diaper room~"

With that we will walk to the room, holding hands (ok sometimes I have to threaten him but every day cannot be a sunny day right?).

Once at the bedside, I will take off remove his arms from the tee-shirt and he will pull it over his head.

Next he will pull down and step out of his shorts.

Then bend his head, trying to look over his round tummy to locate the diaper's sticker tape.

After a many tries (Pet-pet sticky tape is really very STICKY!!) he manges to pull off the sticky tape n pull off his diaper.

I will fold the soiled diaper and he will take it from my hand, walk to the dustbin, step on the pedal to open the dustbin then "dunk" it in.

As for putting on his clothes.... not successful :(

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