Sunday, June 29, 2008

Next target - POTTY TRAINING!

Last week I chanced upon Gina Ford's Potty Training in One Week in Carrefour's books sale, only have time to pick it up to start reading it just now. This is what the book says about Potty Training;

Signs to watch for
These important signs and levels of ability that will indicate if your toddler is ready to potty train are:

1. He is over 18 months of age.
2. His nappy is frequently dry when you get him up from his lunchtime nap. A dry nappy a couple of hours since his last nappy change would also be an indication that he is getting some bladder control.
3. He is aware when he is doing a poo, i.e. going very quiet and showing signs of concentration, or points to his nappy and says poo or pee pee when he has done one.
4. He can understand and follow simple instructions, i.e. go and fetch your red ball or put your toy in the box.
5. He is eager to participate in taking off his own clothes, i.e. shoes, socks and shorts, and understands what pulling his shorts up and down mean.
6. Can point to the different parts of his body when you name them,for example "where is your tummy button?" or "where's your nose?" etc.
7. He has the ability to sit still and occupy himself or concentrate for five totem minutes with a toy, book or watching video.

Lets go down the list according to Little DinoEgg's milestones;

1. He is already 22 months old
2. Hmm... never really take note of his diaper before and after his naptime, will start taking note. 3. OH~ No worry about this. We definately know 100% when he is doing his "big business", he will definately goes to a quiet corner and show his "I'm doing my poo face". Recently he will sometimes squat down while doing his poo. After his "business" he will point to his diaper and say "poo-poo" then request you to change his soiled diaper ASAP. As for pee... no indication from him.
4. He can already put his toys and books back to their rightful places when he was 16-17 months old.
5. He likes to take off his diaper when its diaper changing time, kept pulling his tee-shirt when its time to change into his pjs or into clothes to go shopping etc. He still cannot master the motion of pulling the tees upward and get his arms out of the sleeves.
6. He knows n point to his different parts of his body when he is around 16-17months old.
7. Throw him in front of tv with either Playhouse Disney OR Elmo video OR Bareny video (Yupe he is likes Barney dispite my disapproval) he will be engross with the square box for at least 20mins. He can also play with his toys alone or take out his books to read.

Therefore, seems like he is ready for potty training. Let me finish Gina Ford's book, get myself ready to tackle the route to diaper free target.

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