Saturday, July 5, 2008

Parents-Teacher Session

Meet the teacher time!

Had a chat with Teacher Sue and Teacher Gina, we even meet his Chinese Teacher for the 1st time. All along we thought Teacher Adeline teaches Chinese but now we know its not, they have a Chinese teacher which we never get a chance to meet for the pass 1 year.

Got to know from Chinese teacher that Little DinoEgg is very obedient, loves to sing song and listen attentively when its story-telling time. He knows alot of animals in Mandarin, even the sound they made, he also knows some simple chinese, even can have a small conversation in Mandarin with Teacher. Wow all these we dunno... most of the time we speak English to him, a little bit of Chinese which he understands but we thought he understands more on English. So he is bilingual hee~

Teacher Gina & Teacher Sue says Little DinoEgg is very good, he will stands up for other kids when a more rowdy child snatched their toys or crayons etc. He will either go up to that "bully" and say "NO NO NO!" follow by some blah-blah scolding, or he will go to the "victim" n talk some sense into him/her, as if like saying "Must not let pple snatch ur things! Must fight back!" etc etc haha~ Then they say Little DinoEgg has a weird habit, if its early in the morning when school just start or nearing the end of the day, he DO NOT like the older kids or even his classmates to touch him or help him to take out/put on shoes, carry his bag etc. Other time of the day he is ok, can play n have fun with all of them. So the teachers know his pattern and will avoid letting other kids go too near him. They say Little DinoEgg learns things very fast, he is ahead of some of the slightly older kids. He is one of the few who can converse in short English sentence; woah~ so my son can speak English n Chinese! They say he is very polite, he is one of the few who greeted the teachers in the morning and he is the persistent one. If he greets you "Good Morning!" and u did not respond, he will keep repeating till u respond.

It was suppose to be a 15-20mins talk but we chat for almost 45mins coz the next group of parents are not here yet hehe~ so yak abit n get to understand more about the teachers too.

All through the 45mins, Little DinoEgg was conscious, he knows we are talking about him but was unsure whether talking about the good or bad things about him. Teacher Gina try to tease him but he just won't smile, keeps a stern face.... Think he can sense something is not right, coz its the 1st time he goes to school on a Saturday and inside Teacher Sue's office together with Daddy, Mummy n Teacher Gina; something out of the ordinary n his "radar" is up ^.^ Only when we were about to leave the office did he try to hide his smile when Teacher Gina tease him again, silly boy.

We bid bye-bye to Teacher Sue & Teacher Gina at 1115am and went to have our late breakkie.

Later while on the way to T2, I tested Little DinoEgg by saying out the different parts of our body in Chinese, and he knows each and every one of it even the word 颈项 aka neck *surprise surprise*

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